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theWatt Podcast - All shows

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theWatt Podcast 50In this show, Bryne Purchase, former Deputy Minister of Energy in Ontario, former Deputy Finance Minister in Ontario, Ontario's former Chief Economist etc etc.., and I talk about some energy policy.0
theWatt Podcast 49In this show, Mark Rodgers from Cape Wind Associates explains what is going on with the Young Amendment.0
theWatt Podcast 46This file has an edited interview with Dave Braden about battery electric vehicles. If you want the full interview, download this file as well (this file is only the interview): 0
theWatt Podcast 45In the show I speak to Dave Braden who builds energy efficient homes, VERY energy efficient. No heating bill efficient. He told me how he does this. Also in the show, Sweden going oil free in 15 years and the G8 finance meeting.0
theWatt Podcast 40Sass Peress, CEO of ICP Solar, joins the show again for an update from the solar world and for some chat about ICP Solar's new product lineup.0
theWatt Podcast 34Discussion with Gary Zakaib, senior nuclear power engineer about the ins and outs of the nuclear power industry.0
theWatt Podcast 38The blurb of the week is some clips from James Kunstler and Mike Lynch from the show Radio Open Source: The End of the Oil Age (mp3 right here).0
theWatt Podcast 36The energy requirements of stuff in my apartment, measured by the Kill-A-Watt. 0
theWatt Podcast 31This episode features an interview with Luke Crawford, who ran in the last BC provincial election for the Green Party of Canada on a peak oil platform.0
theWatt Podcast 29theWatt blurb of the week is about hydrogen storage, technical challenges and potential solutions0
theWatt Podcast 27In this episode Sass Peress (read his blog), CEO of ICP Solar, joined me to discuss the state of the solar power industry and more!0
theWatt Podcast 26theWatt Blurb of the Week is an in depth look at the recent study by David Pimentel and Tad Patzek about the energy return on investment of ethanol and also some estimates for gasoline.0
theWatt Podcast 25Today's episode has an interview with David Gross from Silicon Equity Research about how investors treat energy companies, the commercial potential of some alternative energy technologies and more!0