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theWatt Podcast 1

First ever episode of theWatt Podcast.

Podcasting seems to be all the rage lately and so we have decided that it would be fun to experiment with our own podcast. For those that are unsure, a podcast is basically amateur radio (and ours is amateur) without the transmitters. Podcasts were popularized by the iPod (hence the term podcast) and are mp3 files that you can download and listen to any time (so you can take theWatt with you!). There are podcast clients (a list here) that you can download, enter in our podcast RSS feed, and the software will download our new podcast automatically for you.
Our show will be called theWatt Weekly, and so we plan to make a new show once a week (probably every Saturday). This is the format that we've come up with (but it's flexible):

Total time: About 15 minutes
Section I: theWatt Weekly Review - A review of the important news submitted to theWatt with a bit of commentary.
Section II: The Highly Un-Scientific Industry Report - A report of how various industry stock indexes that we've made are doing.
Section III: theWatt Blurb of the Week - This is the section where we read your emails, play your comments as mp3s (if we have them), do some interviews or just generally talk about stuff.

There's some more explanation in the above podcast.

If you have any comments on the show or would like to submit contributions (such as letters to be read on the podcast or even audio) or want to be involved in any way, please email us, we could use the help!