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All About Podcasts

A podcast is essentially a radio show that you download from the internet and listen to at any time. theWatt Podcast is a podcast that discusses energy issues (no discrimination here, we talk about fossil fuels and renewables and everything in between). The show is produced by me (Ben Kenney) and usually consists of me talking to other people about energy.


You can either download and listen to the podcast directly from the website or you can subscribe to a podcast so that when a new show becomes available, it will download to your computer automatically. To subscribe to a podcast, you need 2 things:
  1. Software such as iTunes or any software from this list
  2. The rss file for the podcast which you add to the podcast catching software. The rss file contains the link to the new podcast. The rss file for theWatt Podcast is: /podcast.rss
Each software is different, but for iTunes, you can either click this button to subscribe in iTunes (which requires iTunes and will bring up a pop-up message asking you to open iTunes) , or you can follow these directions:

Step 1: Open iTunes
Go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast

podcast 1

Step 2: Type in the rss feed: /podcast.rss

podcast 2

Step 3: Start listening to theWatt Podcast and spread the good word!