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Podcast listener stats

Hi everybody, I thought some people might be interested in the podcast download stats. I collect them from 2 separate companies (which is why the url for the show looks a bit weird), and both companies give quite similar results.

Basically, every show gets about 900 downloads from unique IP addresses in the first week, and then they seem to max out at around 1500-2000 unique downloads per show.

The last show got 915 downloads after the first week and now has 1239 downloads (from unique IPs). In total, there have been 14442 show downloads (which accounts for all shows I've ever published) for the month of March.

Here are the stats for episode 75 (after 18 days):

Picture 1

And, it appears as if most people are downloading the show using iTunes (this is for episode 75):

Overall I'm pretty happy with the listenership. Somebody once told me that only 5% of all podcasts have 1000 listeners or more (I think the most listened to podcast has 300,000 listeners). I think there are still more people who would be interested in the show, but they're probably the non-tech savvy type who haven't really explored podcasting yet.

Re: Podcast listener stats

Some great listening numbers. But always good to search for more.

To increase your hits on google, could you generate a list of keywords that can point to the site ?

Does any one have marketing ideas (preferable free) to increase listener numbers?

You could request that and other such sites to put a link to thewatt website.