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A cold blast from the past

Japanese researchers claim successful cold fusion:

Can an expert comment on whether their method appears

-- Paul

Re: A cold blast from the past


I had an email exchange with: Akito Takahashi from Osaka University (the same university as the one in the link you gave) on this very subject in December last year.

He sent me his papers on general CMNS field progress and
his special theoretical models developed for 18 years (latest submittal
to JCMNS). If you are interested I can forward you the papers.

Akito also recommended contacting :

Tthe international society for "cold fusion" study, ISCMNS (International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear
Science): .
Mr. Bill Collis, CE of ISCMNS
Dr. Michael McKubre, SRI (Stanford Research International) USA is originally from
New Zealand

Anyone not well versed in Cold Fusion History please :

It is electrochemistry, and Ben's research is fuel cells which is also electrochemistry.

Hot Fusion is the holly grail, and cold fusion is even better!