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Why isnt the goverment doing somthing about energy conservatio.In the past yhey have put in gas rationing, China has banned the use of plastic bags,evryone can take their own bags to the store,The goverment should make a forum available for all americans to offerr ideas to curb energy use...One thing that could be done is to stop saturday mail delivery,think how many miles are drivin on saturday delivering junk mail to every ranch,farm,and home in the country on saturday.When the postal employees take a holiday we save a lot of fuel and there is no big crisis,I was talking to a rural mail driver and he said he drove 186 miles on saturday and 90% oof it was junk mail and the other 10% he could have delivered on monday...I hear people talk all the time how we could reduce energy use ,but they have no way of expressing their ideas

Re: conservation

Senior and all readers,

The reason our governments (whether in Ontario, in Canada or other places) don't take action isn't that they don't hear us or that on an individual basis that they don't care; it's most likely that we don't act up in a significant enough way to counter both the lobby groups and loud enough to provide enough sway. To your comment about mail delivery and the amount of junk therein, I would suggest that junk mail should be charged on a per page basis to the items creator and to make the charge high enough that it makes them think. Considering most of the physical mail we get is junk mail, it would help to make all companies think about how much paper and the related inks, fuel, et al., that is wasted printing the crap monthly. Wouldn't it be better to create the flyers online and should I want one, download it? That way, both the distribution is controlled and the only waste is if I were to print out all or more pages than I would need.