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Warning on estimate power bills – adopt smart metering to avoid uncontrolled bills

Consumers and businesses can benefit from more accurate utilities bills if utilities companies adopt smart metering practices, said Paul Smith, CEO of Wyless, in response to the warning on estimated bills issued recently by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

The warning, which was to customers who use direct debit to pay their utilities bills, stated that they may end up owing their utilities supplier money as their readings are based on estimations as opposed to an exact reflection of how much energy is being used.

Utilities companies need to be smarter in measuring energy use if they want to keep customers, said Mr Smith: “As the CAB reiterated last week, without the correct information about usage, the provider cannot invoice the customer accurately. Customers will end up paying too little or in some cases too much for their electricity or gas.”

Smart meters use real time data to measure usage, which is done automatically and remotely, thus eliminating the need to make sometimes inaccurate estimations. Automating the process of meter reading makes it more efficient for both the consumer and utility company which keeps both parties happy.”

A few utilities companies are now sub-contracting smart metering companies to address the issues that customers face with estimated billing. Companies like Wyless provide the connectivity and managed network services that support smart metering companies.

The installation of smart meters is made quicker and easier by using wireless technology. Connectivity to the meters is important so that real-time data is transmitted to the utilities company. Companies like Wyless are crucial when a utilities company has millions of meters and requires reliable, secure connectivity.

The UK Government is mandating smart metering for businesses. This is due to be rolled out over the next five years, to ensure that timely and accurate information is being delivered to both consumers and suppliers. The Government is committed to implementing smart meters for a number of reasons.

Smart metering offers customers savings in energy usage and as customers receive more accurate and fewer bills, it also strengthens the relationship between customer and supplier.