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Re: Fuel

You're going to have to define what you mean by the "alternate fuel delima." [dilemma?]

Re: Fuel

Fuel the Film
The dependence on foreign oil, especially in the recent Bush administration, hurts the U.S. economy with the roaring gas prices. That in turn affects food prices and many more. Why rely on oil? I found an amazing movie which explains all these issues very clearly, and I highly recommend watching it… and showing it at work, school, or anywhere there are large groups of people. It truly raises awareness of global warming, 9/11, and how we can turn to alternative fuel such as biofuel to save costs and moreover, combat the impeding destruction of the environment. Biofuel does not put C02 into the atmostphere like gasoline.. which causes global warming!

Re: Fuel

Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel, Biodiesel? Those are some alternate fuel. "Fields of Fuel" is a documentary that mentions about alternate energy sources.

Drill, baby, Drill Drill ! - - until you are deep in hot water

Subsidize the oil companies so that they *want* to get in on geothermal - - give them an offer they can't refuse.

They already have most of the expertise, they know they need to invest in something that has a growing future, and they have the drilling infrastructure already set up.
The binary heat exchanger powerplants that need to be developed to efficiently get the most out of the low temperature differentials would be the risky part that needs research and devlopment.
Its a beautiful concept - - a deep hot dry rock geothermal plant has virtually no pollution, can't melt-down, doesn't produce much waste, the fuel source is sustainable, and it is probably much less costly and complex to build than any sort of nuclear plant, and has less chance of nobody wanting it in their backyard.

Then for transportation we have to go electric - - somehow. I like the idea of Magnesium fuel cells because they use a freely available non-toxic mineral commonly found everywere in the oceans. But probably the best fuel is one you *don't* have to carry, so maybe either put tram-like lines along major routes and freeways, or transmit the energy wirelessly from conduits under the road, leaving the travel for 20-30 miles off these routes to a smaller on-board battery or capacitor. Start with someones major trucking (Walmart, UPS ?) to convert and then add specialized bus public transport, eventually private commuter vehicles.