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co2 emission factors

i like to put together all around the world a main list that can help anybody to get their emmision of co2 of their house, office, buildings etc couse rigth now only enginiers can do a report of GEI but i want in a easy way to put together all the factors so anyone can do that. example

the factor of steel is 1.6 kgs of co2 x evrery kilogram of steel and the source its IPCC (intergovernmental Panel of climate change) like that i want your help couse if we dont star doing something abaout right now go going to have problems in the futures years. help me we have to made this process part of our world wide culture couse if we know what some materials or actions affect the envairoment we can prevent that droping down our co2 emissions but first we have to do our own report

thank you and i hope you can help me by being part of this plan