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theWatt Podcast 23theWatt blurb of the week is about China, what they've been up to lately and their energy situation.0
theWatt Podcast 22Today's blurb of the week is about the need for energy diversification and searching for the perfect energy source.0
theWatt Podcast 21theWatt blurb of the week is about ethanol as a fuel additive and how it may not be as green as we all thought it would be as a fuel additive.0
theWatt Podcast 20This show talks about what went on at the First International Green Energy Conference and the key take home messages from some interesting presentations. 0
theWatt Podcast 19theWatt blurb of the week is about the IEA report "Saving Energy In A Hurry".
theWatt Podcast 18theWatt blurb of the week is about air conditioners and the Twindow. 0
theWatt Podcast 17For theWatt blurb of the week I'm talking about the user stats for theWatt podcasts. 0
theWatt Podcast 16No news in this show, just an update about what I've been up to in the last week. 0
theWatt Podcast 15Here is theWatt "mid" Weekly Show #15. I'm talking about the research that I do in fuel cells, specifically on solid oxide fuel cells. 1
theWatt Podcast 14theWatt Blurb of the Week is more on the philosophical side of things and the merits of capitalism.0
theWatt Podcast 13The blurb of the week is about peak oil and this article that I found from Science that says that peak oil is bologna.0
theWatt Podcast 12This week's blurb of the week: Learning from Cuba about how to live in a post oil world. 0
theWatt Podcast 11In this episode I'm talking with my friend, Daniel Calabretta, about his views on oil.0
theWatt Podcast 10This week's blurb of the week: Some random information that you can use to calculate your CO2 emissions and also information about the one-tonne challenge.0
theWatt Podcast 9The topic of today's show: The status of hydrogen storage technologies and some of their problems.0
theWatt Podcast 8The blurb of the week: The debate about wind power and what we can do about the problems.0
theWatt Podcast 7I spoke to my friends Dangerous Dan and Mighty Mike about the problems with living in the suburbs and what we might be able to do about them.1
theWatt Podcast 6This week's blurb of the week: The difference between green energy and sustainable energy.0
theWatt Podcast 5This week's blurb of the week: The vegetarians had it right all along.0
theWatt Podcast 4theWatt Blurb of the Week: Personal CO2 trading. 0