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theWatt Podcast 79

Mike Jablonicky from Canadian Hydro Developers is on the show giving us the inside scoop on building a $410 million, 198MW wind farm.

theWatt Podcast 78

Gunnar Asplund from ABB in Sweden is on the show talking about high voltage direct current electricity transmission.

theWatt Podcast 76

Stephen talks to Cristiano da Silva Pinto from the Brazilian Reference Center for Hydrogen Energy at the State University of Campinas - UNICAMP in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

theWatt Podcast 74

Bill Kemp is on the show discussing his new book "The Zero-Carbon Car" - a plug-in biodiesel hybrid car which he built. We talk about personal transportation issues and how he built his car.

theWatt Podcast 72

Conversation with Dr. Alistair Miller from Atomic Energy Canada Ltd about general energy related issues and a possible scenario for a low CO2 emission future.

theWatt Podcast 71

Conversation about gasification of solid fuels, one of the key technologies behind clean coal, with Dr. Ben Anthony from the CANMET Energy Technology Centre of Natural Resources Canada.

theWatt Podcast 70

Conversation about the energy requirements of the food we eat with Nigel Winter from the Vegan Society (UK).

theWatt Podcast 69

Conversation about nuclear power with from the Dalton Nuclear Institute at the University of Manchester.

theWatt Podcast 67 Part 2

Dr. Ulf Bossel, organizer of the Lucerne Fuel Cell Forum, talks about the future of the hydrogen economy and the more efficient electron economy. Transcript available below.

theWatt Podcast 66

Topic: The thin-film solar scandal
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